3 Keys to Getting Noticed on Social Media

Social media is a necessary component of doing business today. You want to get your message across to your potential clients, and your clients are getting their messages through social media platforms. Success on social media means attracting the attention of your audience, and then growing their interest in your brand by maintaining a presence on their feed. This type of marketing can be a lot of effort. Make sure you’re using that time and effort wisely by using these three tips to shine on social media.

1. Don’t be a slave to the data

Not so long ago social media success was measured in likes and followers. You don’t want to send your message out to a ton of people when it isn’t going to connect with them. You don’t need to reach a zillion people, you need to reach the right people. Instead of chasing popularity, use targeted ad services to get your content to your audience. In order to maximize your success with these tools, it is imperative that you know your audience. Who are your clients, what do they need, where do they spend time online, and what are they looking at while they are there? If you know these things, you can spend your time curating content that speaks to your audience. Your likes and followers won’t be digital tire-kickers, but real clients that are loyal to your brand.

2. Publish consistently

You don’t have to be attached to your phone sharing articles or pumping out blog posts every day, but you do need to have a consistent schedule for publishing content. You want to be a familiar face in your customer’s feed. It often takes multiple touches before people choose to purchase a product or retain a service. To keep up with the demands of consistent publishing of great content you may not be able to create it all yourself. That is totally fine! Utilize all the tools you can to keep your posts in front of your customers without sacrificing quality. This will include a content management system where you can schedule posts as you’re able to find or write them. It can also mean sharing articles, pictures, or other relevant content from outside sources, purchasing content, or having custom content created for you. You don’t have to create the content for it to be an authentic representation of your brand. It just has to speak to your customers in the voice that you’ve cultivated.

3. Be accessible and authentic

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, create connections with your audience. Respond to comments, ask questions, follow your followers. There’s a lot of noise on social media. There are a ton of ads disguised as posts, vague posts that make grand promises, and click-bait articles with inflammatory headlines. What keeps people using social media is the relationships they build with their online communities. Look past their potential as clients and think about these people like your work friends. Creating strong relationships online will mean a lot for your business. You appear more trustworthy and likeable when there is friendly interaction on your posts. Your referrals will be of much better quality because you feel more like a friend in the industry. Most importantly, it will make your job more fun! You can get excited about all that content you’re curating because you know your friends are going to really love it. You will be excited to check your social media accounts because instead of feeling upset that you don’t have enough likes or follows, you’ll be interested to see how your favourite customers responded to the article you posted.

The nature of entrepreneurship is adapting to the changing climate. The things that used to get you noticed on social media just might not be as effective as they once were. Focus on captivating your target audience with consistent content and genuine interactions in your social media spheres. If you are ready to break away from the crowd, contact us to help you take your social media presence to the next level.