5 Easy Ways To Grow Your Email Database 

Growing your email database is key to building a loyal customer base and driving sales online by keeping your audience engaged in company news, products and offers. By growing some of our existing clients’ email campaign databases we have seen them generate record-breaking sales with one client earning over £200,000 in revenue from email campaigns in just 8 months. To help you start growing your database we have compiled five easy ways to start gaining more email campaign & newsletter subscribers.

Add a pop up discount offer onto your websites homepage

Adding a pop up onto your website homepage with a discount offer for signing up such as 10% off your first order is a great way to get users to sign up to your mailing list and quickly increase numbers. We integrate the pop up with your email provider such as Omnisend or Mailchimp, so your subscribers go straight into your email marketing platform.

Add a link to sign up to your mailing list on social media

Linking your mailing list to your social media is also another great way to boost database numbers, as many people follow social media accounts of companies they like without frequenting their website often. We recommend setting up a LinkTree so you can link to different parts of your website from your Instagram account, such as to the online shop, blog page and email sign up section.

Add email sign up boxes throughout your website

Giving your customers multiple opportunities to sign up to your database is also key, many people stick a sign up box at the bottom of the homepage. However, this can easily be missed, due to people clicking off of the site before they get to the bottom of the page or through customers clicking through to a different page on the site. Therefore it is important that customers are given multiple opportunities to sign up as well as making the signup simple without trying to gather too much data.

Refer a friend 

Referring a friend to get a discount is another great way to boost email subscriber numbers and is a method widely used by tech based banking apps such as Plum and Monzo giving people cash rewards for each friend that signs up. The same applies for retail or service customers as well who could gain for example 10% off the online shop for referring a friend. We have used similar techniques with our existing clients which has proved to be an extremely valuable way of growing email databases.


Customers love a competition and the thrill of potentially winning something, so offering a giveaway where people have to sign up to enter the competition is a great way to grow your email database. It is also a really good way to get your name out there as customers usually go on to share giveaways and competitions with their friends.


A well-built email marketing list and a relationship with your customer is vital for growing your business and generating revenue. In order to start generating more emails on your database, you need to make it easy for customers to sign up and offer plenty of incentives to entice them.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help grow your email marketing database, please get in touch with Sophie via her email: Sophie@habgood.studio