6 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

In this year of continued change and upheaval, it will be more vital than ever to plan your marketing strategy for 2021. You may already have planned your 2021 strategy based on what brought you success in 2020. However, to stay ahead of the game you might also want to consider the current up and coming trends in 2021 and how your business can use them.

Here are six of the hottest trends for 2021:

Social Media Will Become The Main Shopping Platform

Social media is no longer just a platform for connecting with friends and sharing photos, it is fast becoming the top place for people to shop, through shoppable posts. People often get their inspiration for shopping through social media and by adding shoppable posts to your content you are removing barriers to your products and allowing consumers to purchase the product when they see it without having to search for it. Our social media team is expecting social media to be the top channel for purchasing goods in 2021 and we are already seeing some great results from this feature!

Virtual Events Here to Stay

Due to the global pandemic in person events were a no go in 2020, as a result more virtual events were held to allow people to still interact with their customer base, we are expecting these virtual events to stick around, due to their consumer reach and ROI. We have been working hard with our clients to hold interactive Facebook and Instagram lives, such as bakealongs and Q&A sessions, which have proved to be a great success in keeping customers engaged and driving sales. As we look forward to 2021 we are planning bigger and better virtual events for our clients so keep an eye on our social accounts for any events we hold.

Pivots becoming permanent

2020 brought so many challenges to businesses around the world with their old ways of operating no longer viable due to the pandemic. As such we encouraged our clients to pivot and move their businesses online, through these actions we have seen our clients achieve record breaking sales and success. With such great success we believe many businesses will continue taking their business online and have realised that these pivots are actually improvements on old models and can help them thrive moving forward.

Instagram Reels – the next big thing

In our 2020 trends blog post we talked about the importance of using video for consumers, and now Instagram has launched their own short video creation feature called Instagram Reels. This feature has lots of creative functions and allows you to show off your business and products in new and exciting ways whilst keeping consumers engaged. Instagram are obviously keen to promote these so Reels are getting favoured in the suggested posts and therefore more reach! We see Instagram reels continuing to take off in 2021 and our social media team have big plans on utilising the function to promote our clients products and services.

Interactive Content

Interaction is going to be a key part of 2021 with everyone missing that face to face interaction, interactive posts are going to be the next best option. We are already trying to use this with our clients through the use of Instagram and Facebook lives, polls and Q&A’s, interactive content keeps consumers engaged for longer and makes them more invested in your company. For example, polls provide great insight into consumers’ needs and wants. Q&A’s, Instagram and Facebook lives allow consumers to interact and ask any questions about products or services that they may have. We have already seen great success with these methods in the last year and will continue to engage with users through interactive content.

Micro Influencers will continue to be a huge part of 2021. Micro influencers are less costly than premier influencers but can still have high engagement rates, and by attracting enough of them, they can have the same effect and at a fraction of the cost. Micro influencers are fantastic for doing giveaways, contests and providing consumers inspiration, which all helps with engagement and driving up sales and followers.

Go big and achieve some ambitious goals this year! Speak to us to discuss how we can manage your digital marketing and really help your business grow.

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