Healthy Habits To Help You Have A Good Day

As a busy entrepreneur some days it probably seems like you barely have a moment to breathe. Sometimes you need the reminder to just stop, take a little time for yourself, and finish your day fresh and rejuvenated. The best way to take these small breaks for yourself is to take great care in scheduling your time. Map out your day by the hour and include time to care for yourself. Whether that is eating a healthy lunch, getting in a morning walk, or journaling in the evening, you’ll thank yourself when your productivity and happiness increase. Here is an example of an ideal workday that includes some healthy habits.

Wake Up Early and Set Your Intention:

This can seem the hardest if you struggle to drag yourself out from under the duvet in the morning, but it can make a huge difference in your day. Do some morning yoga, drink your coffee while it is actually hot, or read something inspiring to help you through your day. Set your purpose for the day and think about what you want to accomplish. Make a note of these things and choose one thing that you’ll finish before the end of the day.


The benefits of exercise are two-fold. Not only does exercise benefit your body, but it can sharpen your focus and increase your stamina. This can help you complete tasks with better efficiency throughout the day. Take a brisk walk around your neighbourhood, hit a cycling class, or find a yoga video online that you can do at home. Whatever you do to get your blood pumping will improve your day.


Hopefully all that exercise helps you remember to hydrate! Drinking water has been shown to improve your focus and reaction times. Keep a glass or refillable water bottle handy throughout the day to help keep you sharp. There are even bottles available that are labelled with times or encouraging phrases to help you remember to sip as you go about your day.

Update Social Media Wisely:

Social media is a great way to connect to your clients. It makes you seem personable and approachable. The draw of social media is a two-edged sword. It is an awesome marketing tool, but it is so easy to get sucked in and lose a lot of time to mindless scrolling. Be intentional in your social media practices. Make a list of posts you need to make or people you need to connect with, set a timer or use an app to limit your time and ensure that you’re using these tools productively.

Call Your Top Clients:

Don’t underestimate the power of the human voice! If you conduct the majority of your business via email or other written forms of communication, take a little time to touch base with your clients. Ask them how they feel the project is going and if they have any questions for you. You’ll be able to hear in their voice how they really feel, and it will give you a good idea of where you are with retaining them. This can also help you personally if you work from home and don’t get a lot of human contact during the day. Spending some time connecting with a human being can make you feel less isolated.

Eat a Healthy Snack:

You may have eaten your morning porridge while dashing off a quick response to a client, or eaten your partly wilted salad while on hold with a vendor, but you can still take some time to mindfully savour a delicious and healthy snack. Spend some time over the weekend preparing containers of snacks that are easy to grab. Cubed cheese with almonds, grapes and Brie, sliced strawberries and vanilla yogurt, or any other combination that your heart desires. Make it easy for yourself so that you aren’t as likely to forget about it like you did that half-eaten lunch.


Spend a little time each day planning out the days ahead. Plan out next month’s marketing content calendar, set times and dates for your upcoming events and workshops, or book your upcoming videography planning sessions. It’s great to keep a handle on your schedule and make sure you aren’t overcommitting yourself. Think about big deadlines and give yourself extra time and space in the lead up days to ensure that you aren’t stressed at deadline time.


End your day with reflection. Take a quiet moment to think to yourself about how your day went. You can give yourself a pat on the back for something you did well, think about an area that you’ve shown personal or professional growth, or journal about something that you are grateful for. Whatever method you choose, bringing your day to a close by meditating on something positive can make you feel calm, confident, and ready to tackle another day.

When you are running the show, your day can be a lot of hustle and hurry. Don’t forget to take time for self-care and building healthy habits. Take a few of these healthy habits and implement them into your daily routine. If you want to free up some time and mental energy to dedicate to yourself, contact us so we can help you with your hustle.