Website + SEO + Brand identity,

Coast Mountain Cannabis

Solution Full Design Service
01 - Brief

Launching a unique website for a unique business amid strict regulation.

CMC aims to compete with (and exceed) the most premium organic products currently on the market. Ahead of the project, brand awareness was low, since only a placeholder website and Instagram account were active. As well as creating a slick, functional website for direct and indirect sales, it was important to establish a visual identity through packaging, brochures and logo design that addressed their value proposition: Organic Cannabis, Responsibly Grown.

02 - Work

Custom web design and brand identity set the stage for startup success.

Website design + build
SEO keyword research
Brand development 
Brochure + packaging design

03 - Strategy

Standing out from the crowd.

Key deliverables were identified as a beautiful, functional website, including carefully considered UX to drive revenue through sales and sign-ups. Secondly, visitors needed to quickly understand CMC’s market positioning, which required a consistent and on-brand visual identity. This identity needed to be reflected at all customer touchpoints, from the online experience to printed brochures and product packaging. 

Website design and build

To create a seamless and secure customer experience, we developed a custom WordPress website to house the two different routes to purchase at CMC: medical (direct) and recreational (indirect) cannabis sales. A 19+ age gate to grant access to the main site was set up, as required by Health Canada.

We also conducted keyword research and implemented this language throughout, to increase visibility on Google search rankings and help grow brand awareness online. As well as this, responsive animation and video were integrated to communicate the growing and buying process with ease.

Brand identity + packaging design

Using the company’s pre-existing logo, we added brand colours of purple, greys, brown and greens (keen to avoid relying only on cliché greens used by industry competitors) we created a visual identity which flowed through the website and product offering, including packaging and rolling paper. 

Brochure design

The team needed a brochure for launch, highlighting the company story, process and quality of their products. We created a 8 page digital and printed brochure, which can be distributed to sales teams.

04 - Results

Unique design, excellent functionality.

Ahead of launch, the team were 100% confident in the design, development and overall functionality of the website. They have a bespoke, responsive website that provides direct e-commerce sales, links for indirect sales and extensive product and brand information. They also have a dedicated industry facing website on a subdomain, hosting sales materials, training documents and incentive tactics for the retail salesforce.