Why the Right Brand Design Attracts Customers

In an ideal world, nothing would be judged by its outward appearance, only by what it has to offer on the inside. But in reality, and especially in business, nothing could be further from the truth. Have you ever walked up to a local business you’ve navigated to just to get back in your car and drive away because you hated how the outside of the building looked?

Businesses who identify themselves online have the same task of looking pretty to potential customers. New clients need to be drawn in visually before they’ll bother to read more about what services or products you’re providing. Your company’s branding design is very important and should remain consistent in every part of your business’ presentation.

Your company, whether startup or in need of transformation, needs a brand design that reflects what you’re all about. With a glance, potential clients should have a positive reaction and a sense of who you are. Maybe you’ve come up with a logo and brand name you love but aren’t sure how to incorporate it with other elements throughout your website.

What makes an excellently designed brand identity and logo stand out?

Colour: The colours you choose to apply can make the difference between visitors leaving your home page or staying to find out more. Research suggests that different hues evoke certain emotions in the viewer.  Choosing shades that match the theme of your business is something to consider.

Shape: Most of us associate a heart shape with something positive. Other shapes affect us, as well, although we may not be aware of it consciously. A circle represents comfort, softness, unity and connection. Something irregular might suggest a comedic or playful message. Jagged strokes display strength, excitement and a cutting edge. Intricate lines demonstrate skill and expertise. Merging more than one of these elements creates a refined portrayal of your image and speaks volumes when marketing your business.

Size: Your logo design will be used in different sizes throughout your website and on your products. Changing the proportions can be tricky and cause poor resolution if you’re not familiar with how to do it. It should definitely be eye-catching and large enough to read. Determining whether to simplify a design or add to it should also be evaluated.

Development: Taking your brand design and developing it throughout your website is appealing to the eye. It helps your business to stand out and be remembered. Like a piece of classical music, your main theme can have variations on each page that tie together harmoniously, enhancing the visitor experience. That’s why choosing the right name, brand design and logo is crucial. When working on something you care about so much, considering the help of a professional could be the best decision you make.

At Studio Habgood we’re passionate about what we do. We love helping businesses get off to an exciting start. We’re not satisfied unless you’re in love with the look of your business. Chances are you won’t be the only one! To learn more about our expert staff and the services we offer, contact us today and speak to Sophie about your next branding project.