Firstly, what is the difference?

WordPress: A content management system which allows you to build websites using custom designs or templates to fit any business, blog or brand.

Shopify: An ecommerce platform for buying and selling products. It helps you to start, grow and manage your online business.

In summary, WordPress is all about showing your company off and displaying information such as your Homepage, About page and Meet the Team. Whereas Shopify, as clearly stated in the name, is your online shop. It can promote your company too but it is best used when the majority of your business is ecommerce.

Which is better for my company?

WordPress can be used in tandem with Woocommerce as a plugin if you want your portfolio type website to also become an ecommerce platform but we would recommend using Shopify if the majority of your business is ecommerce.

WordPress website example:

An example WordPress website we recently produced for the luxurious Belle Coco Villa in St Lucia, displaying the villa with an integrated booking platform and gallery.

Shopify website example:

Here is an example Shopify website we designed and built recently for Matthews Cotswold Flour.

Key things to know about Shopify:

  • Design is still important but shop flow and customer shopping experience is more important. Is the website easy to use and navigate when buying products and services?
  • Shopify is a specialised ecommerce platform whilst Amazon is an online marketplace. Shopify gives your company it’s own shop and space, whilst amazon lets you sell through its marketplace competing with other brands. However, Shopify has recently created it’s own App and marketplace called ‘SHOP’ which is looking to compete with Amazon in the next few years.
  • You can also use Shopify to sell in-person, on social media and Google.

Key thing to know about WordPress:

  • More angled towards brand style and portfolio pieces for your website, aesthetic and design is important
  • Popular to use for people without coding experience whilst still being able to create a sleek looking website
  • You can use SEO plugins so that your website is findable

Here at Studio Habgood we are proud to be Shopify and WordPress experts, so if you would like to know more or are interested in our expertise for your company please feel free to email Sophie. We can help advise you on whether we believe Shopify or WordPress would be the best fit for your website!

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