6 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Have you looked ahead at your digital marketing strategy for 2020? You may know which marketing strategies work for you — and which didn’t work so well this year. You might also want to consider the marketing trends that everyone is talking about for the new year while you plan how to best promote your business. Here’s what’s hot and how you can include these trends in your overall strategy.

1. Personalization

Consumers have come to expect brands to use technology to track their personal information and preferences. So, use automated tools to offer personalized recommendations for your customers. This can be as simple as using segmented email lists to send your customers a targeted message based on previous purchases. (By the way, email still works and should be part of your marketing strategy!) Just be sure to respect your clients’ privacy and follow GDPR rules, which is another trend for 2020.

2. Conversational Marketing

Give customers a way to easily get in touch with you when they have questions. This includes inbound phone calls, but also more and more, it relies on chatbots and direct messaging. When people contact you, that gives you the chance to make a great impression with prompt, knowledgeable recommendations they are looking for, at the moment they need information so they can buy from you.

3. Video

Consumers continue to love video, so it makes sense to promote your business this way. In particular, social media stories can increase your engagement. Brands should also look into vlogging — making videos where you speak directly to your audience — and not only videos that tell stories about your company.

4. Influencer Marketing

Paying influencers who have throngs of social media followers to promote your business isn’t new, but the trend is toward micro influencers. These are people who don’t necessarily have tens of thousands of followers, but who have a respectable-sized following in your particular niche. The payoff is higher engagement rates with micro influencers.

5. Interactive Content

Providing quality content is a digital marketing standard. However, the trend in content is toward interactive content that keeps your audience engaged. Try quizzes, polls, 360-degree videos, and shoppable posts. The latter in particular is something younger shoppers are keen for, so if they are your target market, test shoppable posts as part of your strategy.

6. Community Marketing

What better way to find a group of customers who are your target market than to create that group? Form a community for people who love what you have. Your company can create or sponsor an online community in your niche, or host IRL events.

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