Welcome to Ben! Our new Digital Marketing Assistant

At Studio Habgood we are seeing 2021 as a year of growth both for ourselves and for our clients. Part of that growth involves growing our team, so we are very happy to introduce Ben, our latest team member.  

Ben has joined as our Digital Marketing Assistant and will be helping with business development, email marketing campaigns and everything digital marketing related. 

Read more in our Q&A with Ben:

Ben has joined Studio Habgood as part of his Business Management degree at Southampton Solent University to gain some experience in a virtual 2021 workplace. 

  • Let’s begin with how it has been studying at University during a pandemic?

Studying during the pandemic has been a bit of a shock to the system not having that social interaction with your uni mates and lecturers but it’s been a good test of self discipline and has set me up well for working virtually which I think moving forward will be how a-lot of the world does business.

  • You are now in week 3 working virtually at Studio Habgood, which part are you enjoying most so far?

I am enjoying everything at the moment, however I think writing email marketing campaigns and reports has been my favourite so far. Seeing how much Studio Habgood has helped clients generate sales and grow their following has been really interesting.

  • How have your first three weeks linked with your University course

It’s linked a lot actually helping in understanding marketing terminology and strategies and also professional, excel skills, reporting skills, all these little bits that I have picked up at Uni have really helped in my first few weeks, as well as previous work experiences.

  • After University do you think that Digital Marketing could be the career for you?

Absolutely, before going to uni I always had marketing as a career path in mind, and I think digital marketing specifically is something that I want to follow. I am really enjoying the business development side as well and seeing a campaign that I have written actually performing and generating sales is really exciting knowing that you have made a direct impact for that client.

  • Has it been challenging working virtually with Sophie and the rest of the team not having that face to face interaction.  

No not at all, I have been working virtually for the past year now so it’s like second nature and we have lots of calls and virtual meetings which is great and keeps you on track.  Sophie and the rest of the team are really quick with their email and slack replies as well,  so I haven’t had any moments where I have been stuck not knowing what to do with something. 

  • How do you stay disciplined and motivated working from home? 

I think a good morning routine is key and Sophie has got me into a new one recently, of getting up and ready and then watching a motivational video before starting work to get in the right mindset. We then share our favourites between us all to keep each other motivated. I also try to do some exercise before work as well so I will go out on my bike or for a run before the day starts and that has been really good for feeling energised for the day.

  • Have you developed any new skills in your first three weeks?

I have actually learnt so much in this short space of time, I’ve been having training in a lead generation software called Lead Forensics which is a really great tool for B2B businesses and through that I have developed some new sales techniques. I have also learnt how to write and structure email campaigns and blogs, use software like Mailchimp and Omnisend, and improved my reporting skills. It has been a great three weeks in terms of learning and development.

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