Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Your Key to Success

This time of year can be “make or break” for many online retailers and service providers. The busiest shopping days of the year are here, and you need to set your business apart from everyone else’s. How can you best grab shoppers’ attention and ultimately get them to purchase? Your keys to success this holiday season are social media posts, email campaigns, and discount codes.

Interactive Social Media Posts

Facebook and Instagram have the power to actively engage potential and returning customers. Encourage interaction by responding to comments and asking questions. Broaden your social media presence by finding and using hashtags relevant to your business. Consider a giveaway or a special deal to boost your number of followers.

Successful social media posts should be staggered over the course of several days. Consider adding a teaser at the end of each post to make readers return to your page, such as, “Come back at 15:00 tomorrow for a flash discount code.”

Engaging Email Campaigns

Shoppers’ inboxes are about to get flooded. How can you make your email stand out? Staying true to your brand, start with a catchy subject line. Keep your message short. No one is going to read a lengthy message this weekend. Lastly, keep your emails interesting by adding an image or two.

A one-time email is likely to get buried or bypassed. And as with your social media posts, consider scheduling emails throughout the coming days.

Tempting Discount Codes

Discount codes make shoppers feel like they’ve snagged a sneaky deal. Including a discount code in your social media and email campaigns could be the difference between a purchase and shoppers scrolling by. Limited time offers give shoppers a sense of urgency and encourage a timely purchase.

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