Five Tips and Tricks for a Successful Social Media Account

With so many inorganic and fake methods of growing your social media accounts it can be hard to imagine that an account could still grow organically! Here are some easy tips and tricks which will keep you away from paid promotions, fake followers and #likeforlike.

1. Little and Often

Choose to post smaller amounts of information fairly often. A small caption with a nice image goes a long way. Not one, complicated and boring post a week. Drip feed your followers information and the culture of your brand or business over lots of posts to really build your account.

2. Variation in Content

Stay varied within your signature style. Create content that looks and feels like your brand without duplicating it for every single post. Creating diverse content also means posting a mix of mediums, photos and videos.

This doesn’t just need to be key posts for new products or events but also information that’s not the actual information too. For example posting content that is light hearted in keeping with style and colour. Using relevant images to inspire and share your brand culture. These posts might also be great for followers to share on their own social media accounts.

3. Stay on it: Trends, Algorithms and Analytics

Everything is constantly changing and this affects what gets seen, when and by who… Trends keep you current and work alongside the ever changing algorithms, algorithms should be understood to maximize your posts engagements. Analytics allow you to understand your following, what does well, what doesn’t and when to post. Let this guide you.   

4. Engage with the community 

Be real! Engage with your followers in comments and story replies and stay on top of your inbox by replying to their compliments and inquiries, this makes all the difference. Remember in a digital world there is still another human (hopefully) on the other side of your inbox, just two people communicating to one another. Keep it professional yet informal, your social media account is not your email inbox.

5. Keep the quality 

Tying into the first tip, don’t post more to post more. Stick with your content style and habits and don’t compromise on the quality of posts. They will stay on your feed as if it was the window to your shop. No sticky marks here from old posters. Of course, it is possible to delete content but let’s get it right the first time. 

Last Thoughts…

Jeff Bezos once said, “your brand is what people say about you behind your back”

  • Social media is about being authentic but curated 
  • Stay positive but talk about the failures 
  • Share ideas but give credit 

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