How Do I Choose a Digital Agency?

When looking for a digital agency to help build and support your business’ social media, website and ads you need to look for relevant agencies. 

Here are four points to make it simple when deciding!


What are you hoping to achieve? What’s most important for your business right now? Digital agencies are there to help you shape your business and meet your needs in order to meet the goals that you have. Have an idea of what direction you want to go and what you might need from a digital agency. Let them input into these goals and ideas for the best collaboration using their expertise. Choosing a digital agency who cares about your goals makes a difference. It’s through these goals that you can work to prioritize and achieve.


What is your budget? What can you afford? You might just have enough for building a website whilst managing your own SEO and Ads or you may have enough for both. Have a think about what you need to kickstart your business’ goals and what you can afford within that! Have priorities for your growth.


Buy into relevant expertise! Often smaller agencies work best with smaller companies, they know what they are dealing with and the budget fits both parties for what you’re receiving. If you are a smaller business it would be hard to afford higher rates from larger agencies and you may find that they won’t have as much relevant experience working with smaller clients. Find out what clients the digital agency has worked with previously to see if they would be a good fit for you too!


This may or may not be important to you but choosing a digital agency partially based on location may be helpful. It is easy to find any digital agency anywhere in the world but it might be that a local agency works for your benefit… they may understand the lie of the land more if they are based nearby. In person meet ups may help communication and relationships too for better collaborations. However, with more and more remote working and the use of zoom it is not necessary to choose a digital agency based on proximity. It is actually easier in some ways to get more work done in less time when meeting up online even if you might not ever meet face to face. We have a range of clients, one of which is on our doorstep in Cotswolds, this really helps us to understand their market and buyers but likewise we also have client businesses all the way over in the Caribbean! It’s about personal preference at the end of the day and weighing up the pros and cons against what is most important for your business.

If you think Studio Habgood could be a good digital agency for your business then get in touch with us! We would be delighted to work with you.