What’s New with Instagram in 2022?

Instagram is always growing and changing, with new algorithms, aesthetics and features which all impact the way you use Instagram for your business or brand.

Read our short summary on the 2022 key updates to stay in the know about this year’s adjustments to maximize the use of Instagram for your online business.

60 Second Non-Stop Stories

Instagram will be implementing a much-needed feature, continuous 60 sec stories with no 15 sec interruptions. No more struggling to tag each 15 sec video with the same name mentions, location tags and links! 

2022’s Algorithm

How does it work?

  • Instagram’s ranking system organises content based on information and predictions which are not wholly based on how recent something was posted. In 2010 feeds used to be just based on a chronological algorithm.
  • Instagram’s ranking system organises content based on information and predictions which are not wholly based on how recent something was posted. In 2010 feeds used to be just based on a chronological algorithm.
  • Instagram is looking to be more transparent with their algorithms so we can understand more about how our posts interact with viewers and why we might not be seeing them reach as many people as we would like. This can also be due to external factors such as competitors and peoples interests changing rapidly as well as a short attention span.

New Feed Order

Users will be able to select the feed order that they would like. This will be ‘Home’ which is selected by Instagram based on whose content you usually interact with, ‘following’ which orders every post chronologically and ‘favourites’ which can be selected by the user depending on the accounts that they would like to see.

As businesses, to utilise and benefit from these changes it will be key to ensure content made is direct, uncomplicated and relevant both to your business and the trends. This way users will be more likely to add you onto their favourites list.

Reel updates

As a business owner, what can I use reels for?

  • Reels are fast becoming a large amount of Instagrams primary focus. Reels often get seen by more people, especially those which are not yet following you. You can utilise the audio trends by making them relevant to your business or brand and communicate what you would like through them to a wide audience
  • As we mentioned above reels are ranked upon interest of what has been previously viewed etc to have that in mind when reaching your target audience.
  • Visual replies to comments can be handy. These can be used to directly reply to customer and follower questions in a personal and visually appealing way. Chances are other people would have had the same or similar question too. This is also a fun way to socially interact with your following and be more informal whilst informing.


“New marketing is about the relationships, not the medium.”

Ben Grossman, founder of BiGMarK

Influencer digital marketing will continue in 2022 but with a rise in Micro-Influencer and long term relationships with influencers. Influencers use their following to sell a brand’s products or services. Micro-influencers’ community of followers are highly engaged, no ghost followers, all real people that have likely been around from the start before the person even became an influencer. This allows for more genuine commerce, influencers are conscious with the types of brands they work with too.

And a few other updates to note…

  • You can post Instagram collab posts or joint posts. A post or reel can be posted to two accounts at once. This might be useful when a product has been made collaboratively for example or credit is required.
  • Embed your business’s Instagram account onto your website! This can create more understanding of who you are and what you do more quickly as transparency, brand identity and what you stand for becomes increasingly sought after. 
  • Map search can be used by users to search the area they’re in or visiting and see information on businesses they might want to visit. An easy win.
  • Creator mode is now available for everyone. It can be handy to have your business set up on creator mode so you have full access to songs and audios for stories and reels. This just makes it easier to stay on trend and make posts that can be seen informally. 

Instagram direct messages can be more easily viewed on desktop!

Don’t forget about what dropped in 2021!

  • Instagram’s Professional Dashboard for overall account performance and instagram insights for more depth
  • Story stickers such as ‘support small businesses’, location tags, links and shopping.
  • Instagram Shops and in shop ads! Facebook (Meta) is really developing its eCommerce so don’t forget this tool.

If you’re feeling a bit bamboozled by all the new updates and information then why don’t you get in contact with us for a personalised look at what your businesses social media needs are!

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