How To Create A New Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy gives your business an edge on the competition. More importantly, the right strategy can bring followers to your brand and increase your conversion. At Studio Habgood, we’d like to offer you a few tips and ideas for a new marketing strategy for 2020….

Marketing Audit Of Current Activities

A marketing audit is a thorough review of your micro and macro strategies, objectives, and marketing environment. It’s your opportunity to find out what’s working and what’s not to meet your marketing goals. If there are elements that need improvement, a marketing audit will help identify these areas to incorporate into your new strategy.

A Monthly Content Calendar

Planning and organising your marketing content is a smart strategy element. A monthly content calendar helps you keep track of your marketing strategy goals, get your entire team on board, or stay ahead of the competition. Within the calendar it can include monthly promotions / offers, press releases or blogs, key dates and events.

Clearly Defined Business Goals

At Studio Habgood, we understand how important it is to have clearly defined marketing goals. From the start, we work with our clients on goal planning to identify clear targets before creating a detailed marketing strategy and proposal.

You’re invited to contact us for more marketing strategy ideas today! As we look ahead to 2020 it is important to have a clear marketing strategy in place, and we’d love to help with your marketing audit, monthly content calendar and strategy to achieve your goals for this new year. Please email or call 07900 038941 to find out more!