Website + Email marketing + campaign planning + Instagram shop

Diddly Squat Farm Shop

PROBLEM Rapid Demand
SOLUTION Shopify + Fulfilment

01. The Brief

With Jeremy Clarkson being the co-founder and face of the business, the farm shop was already well-known. But, despite an impressive 90,000 followers on Instagram, they had nowhere to send their audience to purchase from them. To leverage their loyal fanbase all over the world, they needed a functional website to maximise their sales opportunities through social media, as well as digital marketing support across email and social media to advertise new product launches to their audience. 

02. Strategy

Website design and build

We worked with Lisa & Jeremy to design and build out a simple, functional website using Shopify, incorporating the business’ current branding and ensuring it was equipped to easily handle global transactions and multiple currency conversions. We also set-up categories on the navigation so that perishable products from the farm shop were separate from online merchandise, which includes candles, kitchenware and clothing. Using a ‘Featured Products’ menu on the Homepage encouraged click-throughs straight to the merchandise section, creating greater awareness of the breadth of product available.

Email marketing 

We got the team set up on Omnisend and launched new product bundles through email marketing. We also added a 10% off pop-up onto the website to encourage email newsletter sign-ups – building their list to 65,000 + subscribers in under one year.

Social media strategy

Although their current strategy was consistently bringing in new followers, it wasn’t making them any money. We got them set up with a shoppable Instagram feed, tagging products in photos and sending people from social media through to the online shop in one simple click. We also leveraged their 90,000-strong following (which we grew by an additional 25,000) with a promotional launch video where Jeremy announced they were now online, driving thousands of hits to the website as soon as it was live. The Diddly Squat Farm shop now has over half a million followers and potential customers to sell to.

03. Results

Tens of thousands of sales in the first 24 hours
500,000 + Instagram followers
Over 65,000 email subscribers from a database of zero
Global reach + sales

The first night the website went live, the business took tens of thousands in sales in just 24 hours. They can consistently market their product categories thanks to an easy-to-use Shopify website, an established email list of 65,000+ subscribers, and can now use their popularity on social media to directly drive online sales.