Sharing is Caring: 3 Tips for Increasing Content Engagement

The amount of content available online is remarkable. Every locksmith, pool company, and hair stylist has a blog and social media accounts they use to promote their business. In an age where content is king, how can you make your content stand out from the pack? What can you do to truly connect with your readers? When you connect with your readers you aren’t just solidifying your client base, you’re recruiting them as your advertisement team. Likes and shares drive traffic to your site and create a friendly buzz around your business.When you are able to make these connections with your client and their social media circles, your brand and your product become a part of their fabric. So, what can you do to take your content from readable to shareable?

  1. Find the voice of your brand: Are you calming and inspirational? Professional and friendly? Cheeky and irreverent? Think of your target client and look at the blogs that are popular with them. Look at what they are already reading and sharing and find out what kind of voice is used. In many industries you just don’t have to seem stuffy and professional to be taken seriously anymore. When you’re thinking of your voice, consider how you would talk to your client if you were sitting in their living room. Since most clients are reading and sharing content from their mobile devices, you probably are. Don’t shy away from communicating in a way that builds meaningful relationships with your clients.
  2. Get big impact from your visual content: Most shared pieces are less than five hundred words, but every shared post has a picture and a headline. Many people share and like posts just from the information in the preview! Think about what the preview of your post looks like. You want there to be beautiful imagery, and a captivating headline that makes a reader want to share it. Since most users are reading and sharing content from mobile devices be sure that your content is optimized for mobile so you don’t lose any of the branding, imagery, or content you’ve worked so hard on.
  3. Be strategic: While it could be tempting to increase your followers or widen your online community by sharing content that isn’t related to your brand or industry, resist the urge. Whatever you share should organically lead back to you. You want your readers and followers to associate you with your product, not the latest meme. That doesn’t mean you can’t share things that are funny, silly, or popular; just be strategic in how you bring it back to what you’re offering your customer. Your content should directly relate to the need that you fulfill for your customer. Speak to the pain point that you’re there to alleviate and how much better their lives would be if it that need was met.

Social media offers a variety of opportunities to connect with your clients and build a community of followers that are loyal to you. To maximise your impact in these realms it is important that you are generating or purchasing content that is relevant to your audience beyond their purchase. Relatable content, a great preview, and a solid social media strategy will help you forge those connections and get customers sharing your posts.

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