Website Redesign + Photography + SEO + Socials + Digital Marketing

Matthews Cotswold Flour

Problem Dated Website + Low Retail Sales
Solution Design Refresh + Social Media
01 - The brief

With an incredible legacy, spanning eight generations of millers, Matthews Cotswold Flour is one of the UK’s oldest family-run flour mills.

When Matthews Cotswold Flour approached us, their website was outdated, with a complicated user journey, resulting in low online sales. They didn’t have an email list, and their social media wasn't reaching many new customers or engaging consistently with their current ones. They needed support bringing their incredible offering online and telling their brand story in a way that did justice to the incredible history and provenance of their ingredients, products and business.

02 - WORK

Bringing a heritage brand into the 21st century.

Website Redesign + SEO + Socials
Email List Building + Campaign Planning
Photography + Videography

Social Media Management

03 - Strategy

The pandemic baking boom presented a unique challenge in rapid upscaling and a need to pivot to online sales.

As diversifying their sales channels was key, we focused on improving the customer journey and marketing efforts across all digital touchpoints. We saw huge opportunities in refining the navigation, design and messaging of their website; ultimately, it needed to be fit for purpose as an eCommerce platform so they could sell direct to consumers. Once lockdown hit, this became even more important: online became their primary sales driver, while demand for flour was soaring simultaneously. 

The business already had a loyal customer base, but wasn’t fully making the most of social media and email marketing to engage with their community or attract newer consumers. So we put in place a content strategy that nurtured existing customers and created wider brand awareness online.

Website design and build

With over 40 types of flour, it was vital the website communicated the full range of products, experience and history in a clear and engaging way. We refined the user journey, ensuring clear navigation for both commercial bakers and families baking at home. We also refined the buying process, making it easier to find exactly what site users wanted and purchase with minimal clicks. 

Brand storytelling

We worked with copywriter Emma Griffin to combine SEO keywords with a compelling brand story – refining the extensive family history to an inspiring and easily digestible About page. We also crystalised messaging across the homepage, turning their incredible provenance and history into meaningful (and memorable) taglines that showcased their unique position in the market.

Visual identity 

We added more neutral colours to the UI to add depth to the site and ensure the products really popped. Earthy shades were chosen to echo the packaging and natural farm-to-table brand identity. To support the website refresh, we were commissioned to organise a photo and video shoot. We worked with our dream team – Jay and Jake – to produce high-quality photo and video assets of the mill and its suite of products. 

Email marketing

When we started working with Bertie and the Matthews Cotswold Flour team, they weren’t doing any email marketing. By setting up MailChimp templates and building out a workflow and content calendar, starting with four emails per month, we could quickly get email marketing up and running in a way that wasn’t overwhelming but brought back a clear financial return on investment. We also grew their list substantially by offering a sign-up discount and setting up an online baking community, the Cotswold Flour Baking Club. Not only did this grow their list in a short space of time, but it helped to nurture and foster the brand’s community of home and commercial bakers. 

Social media strategy

We took over this part of their online marketing, working with our trusted experts at Bam Bam Social to nurture and grow their community of home bakers during lockdown. Through giveaways, brand collaborations with chefs, influencer campaigns, IGTV tutorials (leveraging the lockdown sourdough trend!) and a new ‘Bake Along’ Live series, their Instagram account saw growth of 400% between May and December 2020, going from 2k to over 10k followers.

04 - Results

A thriving baking community and a platform for online sales.

6000% increase in web sales
400% increase in Instagram followers
An unprecedented increase in sales from email marketing
An engaged email list of over 45,000 subscribers  

A dedicated content strategy increased the @cotswoldflour Instagram following from 2400 in May 2020 to over 10,000 followers by December, all with organic growth and no paid ads. Their social media was the fastest growing in all of the flour companies within the UK in 2020. This high following translated to an increase in website clicks and sales, as well as creating an active, highly engaged baking community. The Instagram account baking community is now on over 16,000 followers and thriving.

We grew The Cotswold Flour Baking Club Email list from 1,200 to 45,000 subscribers since we started working with them. Overall, email marketing brought in tens of thousands of orders, with average open rates (52.2%) - far higher than industry average (20.7%).